Trevor Daniel Recalls the ‘Crazy Feeling’ When ‘Falling’ Hit the Hot 100 Chart

Trevor Daniel Recalls the ‘Crazy Feeling’ When ‘Falling’ Hit the Hot 100 Chart


In the latest episode of You Should KnowStreets Talkin sits down with this month’s Chartbreaker Trevor Daniel to find out what inspired his song “Falling,” which celebrity sighting made him feel very starstruck, who his dream collaboration would be with, and much more.

Daniel, who grew up mostly in Houston, Texas, tells Streets Talkin that the very first job he ever had was working at the cash register at a McDonald’s. He also confesses to having a childhood crush on Hilary Duff, who he recently saw at Soho House and felt very starstruck by.

Asked what the best advice he’s ever received has been, Daniel replies that he has learned that it is important not to overthink things in the creative process. “The feeling is more important than getting everything perfect — a voice crack, whatever,” he explains. “If the feeling’s there, it’s better.”

Speaking of his creative process, the singer also discusses the inspiration behind his song “Falling,” which he reveals was influenced by a couple of relationships he had.

“I had this ex who, this is the nicest way to put it, she wasn’t that awesome,” he says. “And then I met this new girl and it was the honeymoon phase, so I was really feeling some type of way, and then later on, it ended up being the same thing. But at the time, it was a very nice, euphoric experience, I guess…it’s a contrast between the two.”

He adds that when the song, which peaked at No. 36 on the Hot 100 chart, first appeared on the chart, pretty much everyone on his team texted him at once to tell him the news. “It was really sick,” he recalls. “It was a crazy feeling. I cried a lot. Not that much, but a lot.”

You can check out the full video interview with Trevor Daniel above to find out even more about him, including which artists he would love to one day collaborate with, which actor he would want to see pay him in a movie, and more. Plus, you can watch a teaser clip of Daniel's new music video for "Falling" below.