Titans’ Coach Mike Vrabel Reneges On Claim To Cut Penis Off

Titans’ Coach Mike Vrabel Reneges On Claim To Cut Penis Off


Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has taken the time to clarify that he will not be cutting his penis off if his team wins the Super Bowl.

Over the summer, when the Titans’ Super Bowl hopes were merely a long shot, Vrabel appeared on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast and said he would cut his dick off for a Super Bowl. Below, is a transcription.

Lewan: Matt Neely (an assistant for the show) said he would cut off his dick for a, uno, Super Bowl, and I said, No I would not do that. Would you cut your dick off for a Super Bowl?

Vrabel: Been married 20 years. Yeah, probably.

With the Titans now only two wins away from being Super Bowl champions, many fans are wondering if he’ll follow through on the statement. Sports Illustrated’s Charlotte Wilder asked Vrabel about it after the Titans win over the Ravens.

“Listen, I didn’t want to disappoint Taylor and Will when I went on the podcast,” Vrabel told Wilder. “I knew they were gonna ask me things that probably, if I just clammed up, [the show] wouldn’t be very fun. So I tried to make it as fun as possible.”  

The Titans will play the winner of the Chiefs-Texans matchup next weekend.