Tina Mazyck Releases New EP ‘Honestly’

Tina Mazyck Releases New EP ‘Honestly’


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Tina Mazcyk is an independent singer/songwriter in her early 20s that hails from the Bronx in New York and writes and co-produces all her own songs.

She has wanted to be a singer ever since she was a child. Through her teenage years she performed at many open mic nights and sang with other groups and developed a name for her fine RnB singing voice. Interestingly she also developed an interest in opera and studied classical singing and musical theatre for several years.

Now, though, she’s back in the RnB and popular music groove with her new EP ‘Honestly’ that showcases her fine and velvety vocals with tracks that range from RnB to hip-hop with some even featuring guitar.

She has a lovely, smokey voice that is well suited to the RnB ballads that she performs with strong intelligent lyrics about love and heartbreak in today’s world. The track ‘Rewind’ shows her effortlessly smooth, jazzy chops that call to mind 90s RnB stars like Brandy, Aaliyah and Janet Jackson (to name a few) with whom Tina can obviously vocally hold her own. ‘Tuck You In’ features that guitar and allows Tina to showcase her vocal range in a sparse commentary on love gone wrong.

Tina Mazyck’s debut EP ‘Honestly’ is a confident and accomplished debut from an artist that we’re sure to hear from in the future. Each of the six songs on the EP stands on its own and several are candidates for single release. Her gorgeous and unique singing voice as well as a thoroughly modern RnB sound and style make her one to watch. This is an EP to put on when chilling with your bae on the couch. This R&B music review gives a big thumbs up to Tina Mazyck.



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