This Is How Kim Kardashian & Family Eat

This Is How Kim Kardashian & Family Eat


Years ago, Kim Kardashian was primarily thought of as a sex symbol socialite without any relevant substance. Over the past couple of years, the reality television star has become a beloved mother figure and a spearheading advocate for social justice reform. Now, with Kardashian-West clan’s diet being a topic of discussion as of late and Kim wanting to lose a total of eighteen pounds prior to her 40th birthday this fall, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians frontwoman has revealed that she and her family share a plant-based diet in a recent Twitter Q&A. 

This Is How Kim Kardashian & Family Eat Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Despite starring in a chicken nugget-themed Super Bowl ad by McDonald’s, the multifaceted entrepreneur stated that she stays away from meat when a fan asked if she would ever go vegan to which Kim Kardashian replied in a quoted Tweet:

“I eat mostly plant based. No meat anymore.”

Kim Kardashian-West then went on to name her favorite Los Angeles restaurants in Nobu, Hillstone, and LaScalla before listing oatmeal, vegan sausage, vegan tacos, and salads as her go-to plant-based meals throughout the day. 

The aspiring lawyer went on to discuss her affinity for slim-cut french fries and baked potatoes as well as her disdain for sweet potato fries and waffle fries before revealing she’s a fan of sea moss smoothies. 

Lastly, Mrs. West revealed that her entire immediate family including Kanye, Saint (4), Chicago (2), and Pslam (8 months) were plant-based eaters while six-year-old, North West is a pescatarian.

With a healthy diet intact, the inclusion of vitamin/amino acid-packed sea moss smoothies in her routine, and a happy home designed by none other than her husband and herself, Kim Kardashian-West will be able to reach her weight loss goal with ease. Check out a behind-the-scenes clip of Kim’s SKIMS photoshoot below.