The Rock Celebrates International Women’s Day With Daughters

The Rock Celebrates International Women’s Day With Daughters


This past weekend, all of us celebrated the incredible women around us for International Women’s Day. The public and celebrities alike made it a point to show our support for the women that tend to us, support us, and move the world in the right direction. Many people took to social media to publicly share their feelings about the day, and the women in their lives- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took the time to share his love for his daughters. 

He shared several posts inspired by his daughters, affirming that he would be there to love and protect them for the rest of his life. He appropriately tagged all of his posts with “#FatherDaughter”, a term likely inspired by the “Girl-Dad” campaign that has been championed as part of Kobe Bryant’s legacy. 

His eldest daughter, Simone, is set to make a WWE run, following her father’s footsteps. She will be the first fourth-generation superstar in WWE history, following the careers of her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. 

For his youngest daughters, aged 4 and 1, respectively, Dwayne chose to share an almost cryptic, yet inspiring message for both of them. He assures us that we will hear from his daughters, and feel their impact soon. 

If The Rock’s larger than life personality is any sign, the world is lucky to have the Johnson girls as well.