The Return Of 24: JWOWW And Zack Are Jersey Shore Official (Again)

The Return Of 24: JWOWW And Zack Are Jersey Shore Official (Again)


It’s Family Vacation official: Zack is back! (And any dreams we had of a proper Jenni/Pauly D hookup have been dashed, just sayin’.)

Tonight’s post-wedding season premiere saw the fam (okay, mainly just the girls) at odds as the aftermath of Angelina’s big day — and that speech — continued to escalate. We’ll save the drama for your mama another article, but we couldn’t help but notice the return of Jenni’s “boy toy.” It seems JWOWW and the guy formerly known as “24” (he’s gotta be at least 25 or 26 by now) have reconciled after that breakup.

In case you need a plot refresher, there was a Sin City incident involving Zack, Jenni, and (who else?) Angelina. The tension got so high one night that family dinner morphed into “World War III,” and perfectly good wine bottles practically became a casualty. Then suddenly, we were blessed with single JWOWW, at which point she almost went to “do sex” with Pauly in NOLA. Key word: almost.

No matter, Pauly and his Prince Albert are now shacked up with Nikki from Double Shot at Love, and that leaves us with how JWOWW reunited her young stud. Turns out, as the Jersey Shore family was sadly falling apart, Jenni was rebuilding her own — and updating her house, complete with a WOWW Theater.

“Zack and I decided to get back together. We started speaking again around the time of Angelina’s wedding disaster,” she told Vinny, during a tour of her grand abode. “When I needed someone, Zack was there, and I really appreciated that.”

The professional wrestler quickly became her rock during a dark time and showed her he’s on the same page, despite their age difference.

“The kids adore him, and he makes me happy. So I want to be happy and just move on,” Jenni added.

Hey, if JWOWW’s happy, we’re happy! But are you? Do you think Jenny should have gotten back with 24? Give us your opinion, then catch more Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c. And stay with MTV News for more on what went down after the speech heard ’round the shore.