The Neptunes Reveal Possible Collabs With Jay Z, Lil Nas X, Lil Uzi Vert, & More

The Neptunes Reveal Possible Collabs With Jay Z, Lil Nas X, Lil Uzi Vert, & More


The musical genius of production duo Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, also known as The Neptunes, is undeniable. The two masterminds have curated, crafted, and polished their own distinct sound that has led them to multiple platinum plaques, a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year (2004), and world-renowned success. Now, after taking a brief hiatus to work on individual ventures, Chad Hugo has revealed in a new interview with Clash that The Neptunes are back in the studio full-time producing music for artists like Jay Z, Lil Nas X, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. 

While speaking with the music publication Hugo dropped a bombshell revealing that Williams and he were working with some of the hottest musicians in the game as well as a video game soundtrack. Hugo stated the following:

“I’m focusing on The Neptunes stuff, getting back on The Neptunes grind. We’re doing a couple of things. There’s a videogame soundtrack that’s in the works right now that I can’t speak about, I’m not supposed to, but uh, it’s in the works right now. We just did some work with Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Blink 182, Lil Uzi Vert, Brandy, Ray-J, Snoh Alegra, G-Eazy…”

The unaging producer extraordinaire, Pharrell also added some gracious words directed at his production partner Chad Hugo, stating:

“He’s himself. He’s a Savant. Being around him only makes everyone else better. He radiates genius. He’s been that way since I met him in the beginning band at 12 years old.”

It came as a shock to many back in May 2017, when Chad revealed that he was stepping away from music indefinitely. However, with a mind driven to create, true Neptunes and N*E*R*D enthusiasts knew that Hugo couldn’t stay away from the studio for long. With The Neptunes recently landing a nomination for the Songwriters Hall of Fame and releasing a collaborative effort alongside Metro Boomin, the duo is back in the limelight and looking to make some major moves in the new year. Check out The Neptunes full interview with Clash, here