The Game’s Iconic Mug Saves Him From Budapest Police

The Game’s Iconic Mug Saves Him From Budapest Police


Though much has been made about the inherent dangers found within the rap gameThe Game recently took a moment to show off some of the more positive side-effects of hip-hop stardom. By now fans have become quite familiar with the Los Angeles rapper, who has delivered classic songs and secured many plaques over the course of his career. His hits are numerous and his reputation precedes itself well beyond North American soil. Case in point, The Game recently dodged a potentially pricey ticket on Budapest soil — all thanks to his widely-recognizable mug.

The Game's Iconic Mug Saves Him From Budapest Police

About an hour ago, Game took to Instagram to flex on us laypeople who are generally destined to take our tickets and begrudgingly swallow our pride. “Ayo, police just pulled us over in the Rari,” says a cocky Game, clearly pleased with himself. “Guess what? N***as saw my face, and said ‘yo get the fu*k outta here Game, you Gucci.’ No matter where I’m at baby, this face good.”

In his caption, Game paints a clearer picture as to what transpired. “Budapest’s police got behind the rari doing 90 on a main street,” he writes. “Hopped out on us 6 deep, saw the face & got they mind right.” One has to wonder whether there is a moral to this story — can hard work and perseverance can ultimately lead to consequence-free actions? For Game, currently enjoying a few guilt-free joyrides down Budapest main roads, the answer is yes, a thousand times yes.