The Fortune releases new single “Roll it Back”

The Fortune releases new single “Roll it Back”


On October 15, 2021, The Fortune released their new single “Roll it back” featuring Delhi-based guitarist and producer Zen Clef with vocals by UK-based talented R&B artist, Keerthana Menon.

“Roll it back” is a dreamy re-imagining of a young girl experiencing the turbulence of a relationship break-up. The first verse deals with the young woman’s initial grief and sadness over her boyfriend leaving but morphs into a survival story as our heroine reimagines her life solo. The lyrics suggest that our protagonist can’t decide whether she really wants her boyfriend back, empowering her. The melody, slick arrangement and foot-tapping electronic rhythm conveys this transition eloquently.

The Fortune’s songwriter, Dhananj explains the reasoning behind this single:

“Love, relationships and break ups are such an integral part of everyone’s life and with songs like this, we want to connect with people who can empathise and articulate their feelings and finally make peace with their predicament. It gives us immense joy to produce something like this as we know it will be well received and our listeners can actually sing along and have fun”

The song lyrics are soft and soothing with seductive playfulness. Vocals are by UK R&B artist, Keerthana Menon but the official music video features the sultry Romanian model, Elena Luiza. The evocative music clip was shot entirely in Romania.

Menon’s sensual vocals blend perfectly with the laid-back bass line and string section of the electro-synth backing music delivering a cool electronica R&B vibe.

“Roll It Back” is The Fortune’s tenth single and it focuses on heartbreak following the end of a relationship. It’s also about redemption and survival. Despite the sad theme, the melody, tempo and awesome R&B arrangement gives this song a really upbeat and optimistic feel.

Songwriters and composers Nikhil Pradip, Dhananj and Zen Clef have once again nailed the composition, arrangement and sonic details of their tenth single to create a memorable listening experience for R&B lovers. The song might be sad but it’s upbeat melody and rhythm will have you listening over and over to “Roll it Back”. Menon’s confident and powerful vocals once again prove that The Fortune is an emerging R&B player to watch.

Nikhil says that “We genuinely feel the soundscape and tonality of the song do justice to what we had in our minds when we started working on Roll It Back. This is our third song in the trap/lo-fi/R&B spectrum and with every release, we are growing a little more confident of ourselves and our capabilities as a genre-fluid band”

“Roll it back” is scheduled for release on October 15, with the music video being released on October 22. Lyrics by Greg Van Kerkhoff, production by Dhananj Shivganesh, Nikhil Pradip, Zen Clef and vocals by Keerthana Menon.

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