The First-Ever "Harry Potter" Superstore Is Coming To New York

The First-Ever "Harry Potter" Superstore Is Coming To New York


Warner Bros. has officially announced that a massive Harry Potter-themed superstore will be making its way to New York in the near future. The retail store located next door to Manhattan’s Flatiron Building will span across a total of 20,000 square feet and will be the first-ever of its kind in the franchise’s history. 

The first-ever Harry Potter flagship store will feature three different floors where customers will be able to purchase the books written by J.K Rowling as well as personalized robes, wands, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, the films, and a plethora of other memorabilia related to the fantasy franchise. According to Sarah Roots, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Tours and Retail for Warner Bros, attendees will also be able to participate in virtual/interactive experiences and be presented with a multitude of different photo opportunities. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, store designers wanted to construct a giant dragon to sit outside of the store’s entrance for the store’s grand opening but community members and organizers voted to shut down what could have been an epic moment for the opening of the world’s first Harry Potter superstore. 

While there is no official opening date for the Harry Potter NYC flagship store, it has been revealed that the retail location will be open for business this summer. An address to the future store can be found below as well. 

Harry Potter Flagship Store
935 Broadway
New York, NY 10010