The Cast Of Teen Wolf Ponders Where Their Characters Would Be Today

The Cast Of Teen Wolf Ponders Where Their Characters Would Be Today


The Teen Wolf family just reunited in front of our True Alpha red eyes.

“MTV Reunions,” the new digital format bringing cast members from television’s most memorable shows together for charity, just launched with an installment focusing on the iconic series Teen Wolf. Host Josh Horowitz spoke with series creator Jeff Davis and cast members Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, Ian Bohen, Charlie Carver, Max Carver, Arden Cho, Cody Christian, Shelley Hennig, Dylan O’Brien, Melissa Ponzio, Tyler Posey, Khylin Rhambo, Holland Roden and Dylan Sprayberry — and it made us miss the supernatural group more than ever.

After lots of reminiscing (watch it above), everyone was asked where they see their TW alter ego today. Some remain in Beacon Hills — and others are far, far away. Here were their answers (making macaroni salad must be mentioned), presented in alphabetical order by the character’s name:


No answer from Max Carver because, sadly, the werewolf croaked. But Dylan O’Brien did deem the death one of the best, if not the top finisher, on the series (and a lot of folks did bite the dust).

Coach Bobby Finstock

Orny Adams humorously predicted that the eccentric educator is in Beacon Hills (for hundreds of years?) watching “idiots cycle through.” Hopefully with a lacrosse stick handy.


Charlie Carver easily answered that the werewolf twin is “shacked up” in London quarantining with none other than Jackson.

Kira Yukimura

Arden Cho’s two simple words: “Kicking ass.”

Liam Dunbar

Dylan Sprayberry envisioned the werewolf running off to London like a real romantic to try to find Hayden. Layden lives?!

Lydia Martin

According to Holland Roden, the super-smart banshee is trying to come up with the coronavirus vaccine and informing people to “not inject themselves with Lysol.”

Malia Hale

Shelley Hennig believed the werecoyote is “playing both Scott and Stiles” (joking, of course). Malia’s real current sitch: Working as a prison guard because of her character’s assertiveness.

Mason Hewitt

Kylin Rhambo wanted The Beast to be “Beacon Hills’ beacon of wisdom.” He also hoped Mason is still with Corey and pictures studying mythology.

Melissa McCall

Melissa Ponzio’s fellow Mel is still tirelessly working at the hospital — and picking up extra shifts.

Peter Hale

Ian Bohen concluded that the antagonist is most likely wandering aimlessly around Paris — specifically, the Moulin Rouge.

Scott McCall

Tyler Posey had a few ideas. The first is the True Alpha staying on the path of being a hero. But on the other hand, Tyler thinks Scott “needs a break” to live out his 20s in Hawaii. The agenda in the Aloha State, with his family (Stiles, Sheriff and Mama McCall in tow: making macaroni salad, barbecuing and surfing.

Sheriff Stilinski

Lyden Ashby had a sweet answer for the beloved BH father: He probably just came home from the station and is cooking dinner for Melissa, Scott and Stiles. Fam!

Stiles Stilinski

Dylan O’Brien wanted his Teen Wolf alter ego to be the sheriff but only if his dear dad is okay with being retired. “I refuse to drive a squad car; I only drive the Jeep,” he added. Oh, and step brothers with Scott McCall.

Theo Raeken

Cody Christian assumed the werecoyote/werewolf is “looking for friends.”

Do you agree with everyone’s assessment? And which one is your favorite? Sound off, then share your favorite bit from the reunion. And stay with MTV News for more updates about “MTV Reunions.”