Terrell Owens Trashes Jason Garrett & Gives Thoughts on Tony Romo

Terrell Owens Trashes Jason Garrett & Gives Thoughts on Tony Romo


Terrell Owens is one of the best wide receivers to ever play in the NFL and throughout his career, he went through some pretty bizarre phases and controversies. His time with the Dallas Cowboys was particularly tumultuous as it was filled with popcorn, inconsistency, and crying during press conferences. Today, Owens was on The Breakfast Club where he was interviewed by Angela Yee, Charlemagne Tha God, and DJ Envy about his career, his latest ventures, and even the XFL.

At one point in the interview, Charlemagne asked Owens about former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett and what he thought about him. Owens was quite harsh about Garrett saying they knew he wasn’t a great coach. When Owens left, he had a feeling things wouldn’t change and he turned out to be right. Owens thinks the Cowboys will see a huge surge next season now that they have a brand new coach leading the team.

Owens was then asked about whether quarterback Tony Romo was a better quarterback or analyst. Surprisingly, Owens said Romo was better on TV than in the pocket. This was an interesting admission when you consider how Owens was seen crying on TV while talking about Romo after a game.

The former wide receiver had plenty of interesting observations so be sure to check out the entire interview, above. Also, let us know what you think of his comments and whether or not you agree.