Teen Mom 2 Secret: Should Briana Reveal The Identity Of Her New Man?

Teen Mom 2 Secret: Should Briana Reveal The Identity Of Her New Man?


Briana has a new guy in her life, and even though her mission was to keep it private, she posted about her “bae” on Twitter. And now, the relationship, which was “supposed to be a secret,” is the complete opposite because of her tweets and reluctance to tell her family (even though she was sneaking out late at night to see him). But should his identity remain under wraps, or should the mother of two introduce him to her loved ones (and viewers)?

“The person is a secret because he’s not fully available,” Briana told her friend Shirley during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode. “It’s not going to go anywhere. We’re just having a good time. He’s not going to be involved in my personal life with my kids. And I just feel sh*tty about it.”

Eventually, Briana opened up to her mom Roxanne about the mystery man because he invited his new lady on a vacation to Puerto Rico. But when Roxanne — who was going to care for Nova and Stella while their mom was away — asked who he was, Briana stated it wasn’t her mom’s business to know that information.


“Is he married? Have kids? Divorced?” Roxanne asked.

“I’m not giving you no information, sorry,” Briana answered.

“It’s going to f*cking come out,” Roxanne stated, but Briana didn’t agree.

“It’s nobody’s concern,” Briana added.

Roxanne took issue with this and claimed that if Briana were to go missing, she would need to know who her daughter was with at the time.

“Don’t trust no motherf*cker!” Roxanne insisted.

Briana traveled to Puerto Rico — and confessed to Shirley during a FaceTime session that it was becoming more difficult to refrain from sharing details about her beau.

“We were out, and he was like, ‘Bri, I really want to be with you,'” Briana confessed. “I’m like, ‘Let’s just take it day by day.'”

There was also a complete 180 with regards to the nature of their relationship: Briana admitted “the feelings are already there” and she was “already in it.”

But shifting back to withholding specifics about him: Should Briana’s stance on this change? Or should she continue to guard this part of her life and keep it away from everyone? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c to find out what she does.