Teairra Mari Takes Shot At 50 Cent, Fofty’s Wrath Be Damned

Teairra Mari Takes Shot At 50 Cent, Fofty’s Wrath Be Damned


Night and day. Yin and yang. Ice and fire. Many things exist in oppositional states. Though many have found themselves on the receiving end of 50 Cent‘s wrath, few have withstood his barrages like his former sparring partner Teairra Mari. Even after losing a lawsuit left her indebted to her bitter rival, Mari has remained adamant about taking shots at every turn. Even after 50 vowed to forsake argumentative behavior, going so far as to politely inquire about the state of his still-owed finances. 

Teairra Mari Takes Shot At 50 Cent, Fofty's Wrath Be Damned

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Following the verdict that Mari was to pay Fif an additional five-thousand dollars in legal sanctions, Mari took to Instagram to let off some steam. TSR captured a post-and-delete she uploaded to her IG page, sarcastically congratulating Fif on his recent induction to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. To add insult to injury she cropped his head onto that of a bagel-eating vagrant, knowing full well how much 50 enjoys a volley of memes.  

How much longer can his argument embargo carry on? Especially if Mari keeps provoking the proverbial bear, knowing full-well that Fofty’s wrath lies dormant. If anyone can bring the sinister alter ego out of retirement, it’s his old friend Teairra.