Tacko Fall Shares Hilarious Video On What It’s Like To Be 7’5"

Tacko Fall Shares Hilarious Video On What It’s Like To Be 7’5"


Tacko Fall has been a fan-favorite ever since his college days. He went head to head with Zion Williamson at March Madness and almost pulled off an upset. At 7’5″, Fall is one of the tallest people in the entire world. He knows what it’s like to have to change the way you live your life, simply because of the way you were made. As a basketball player, his height certainly comes in handy but at times, it can also be to his detriment.

Fall decided to document these struggles recently and the results were all pretty funny. As you can see in the video below, Fall can be seen trying to duck out of the way of door frames, struggling to fit in his car, and failing at taking a shower. Luckily, he was able to balance these things out with his ability to reach the higher shelves.

Fall continues to be a popular player on the Celtics despite his limited playing time. He has potential although sometimes his size doesn’t allow him to be quick out on the court. Regardless, once the NBA is back, we can’t wait to see Fall posterize players and block the ball out onto the street.

Hopefully, Fall’s story can teach people to be happy at any size.