T.I. Ends Houston’s Restaurant Boycott

T.I. Ends Houston’s Restaurant Boycott


Last year, T.I. called for a boycott Houston’s restaurant after several black customers complained about alleged mistreatment. Now, he says that the ban has been lifted and that he has joined the company on a diversity training initiative.

“I knew people personally and pressionally who had been affected,” he told TMZ. “We gathered all their stories and they nominated me to articulate the facts to the corporation for them. We were able to get all our needs met and we were considered, as we should…I spoke on behalf the collective to try to reach a peaceful, amicable, resolution.”

The restaurant launched a diversity training program for its executives and T.I. will remain a part the company, in order to help continue these efforts.

“We’re all living in this world together,” he added. “We have different cultures and we have to respect the differences one another’s cultures and we have to learn the differences one another’s cultures to respect them. That’s where the diversity training comes in.”

Tip and his wife Tiny led a demonstration against Houston’s in Buckhead, Georgia last year, claiming that the company has a “history discrimination.” He was joined at the event by Debra Antney, founder Mizay Entertainment and Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, who said she was denied service by Houston’s.

  • T.I. Ends Houston's Restaurant Boycott