Summer Walker Getting Choked By London On Da Track Has Fans Concerned

Summer Walker Getting Choked By London On Da Track Has Fans Concerned


A clip of Summer Walker looking super uncomfortable while her famous producer boyfriend London On Da Track has his hand gripped tightly around her neck has made its rounds on Twitter, and fans are worried that he was choking her way too hard. London and Summer have been dating since last year, when the two of them worked closely on Summer’s debut album, Over It. Although it’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from this couple, it appears that they’re still going strong. However, a video of London with his hand locked around Summer’s neck has fans concerned that their relationship is toxic or even abusive.

Summer Walker Getting Choked By London On Da Track Has Fans ConcernedPrince Williams/Wireimage

In the clip, London appears to be choking Summer as he orders her to “say you love me.” The expression on Summer’s face certainly does not indicate that she is comfortable with his tight grip, and she repeatedly asks him to “stop.” As London continues to demand that she tells him she loves him, Summer insists that “it hurts.”

“It’s supposed to be sexy, it hurts,” she says while her neck grows stiffer. A laugh can be heard in the background, indicating that other people were present when this took place. “It is sexy,” London insists, with his palm still wrapped around her neck. He then pushes her away from him, still gripping her throat. He continues to orders her to “say you love me,” while she continues to cry out in pain. “Okay, I love you,” she tells him, “Get off me.” However, he doesn’t oblige, instead squeezing her neck harder while she yells, “OW!” The clip finishes with the two of them pecking on the lips, implying that maybe it was all in good fun?

However, observers were seriously disturbed, noting that Summer did not appear to consent to the degree to which London was hurting her. The aggressive act has some fans worried that their relationship could be abusive.