Suge Knight & Death Row Must Pay $107 Judgment To Former Employee

Suge Knight & Death Row Must Pay $107 Judgment To Former Employee


A revival of Death Row is in the works, even with Suge Knight serving out a lengthy sentence behind bars. The rap mogul is one of the most revered and feared executives in the game, and with the help of good friend and business associate Ray J, Suge is hoping to put Death Row on the map once again. Nick Cannon is at the helm of his penning the infamous character’s autobiography, but while there is much positive movement in Suge’s camp, a judge recently affirmed a $107 million against the former mogul.

Suge Knight & Death Row Must Pay $107 Judgment To Former Employee
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A woman named Lydia Harris originally stated that way back in 1989 when Death Row was just at its inception, she and her husband Michael invested in the record label. Harris also claimed that she was recognized as Death Row’s first vice president, but after the cash flow began to come in, Harris said Suge edged her out of the company.

She took Suge and Death Row to court and was awarded $107 million, but back in September 2019, both Harris and Suge asked that the judgment be voided. According to Harris, she was used as a pawn by her “former attorneys, the bankruptcy trustees, and others to use her to wrongfully obtain the judgment,” reports NBC Los Angeles.

Harris’s former attorneys filed their own paperwork asserting that the judgment should carry on as is, and a judge agreed with them, especially because Harris has already reportedly pocketed a million dollars. The woman’s new attorney insists that she’s not received any money. The former attorneys are reportedly set to receive approximately 40 percent of the judgment under the agreement Harris made with them.