Stephen Jackson Recalls Insane Strip Club Shootout: Watch

Stephen Jackson Recalls Insane Strip Club Shootout: Watch


In October 2006, several members of the Indiana Pacers were involved in a chaotic altercation outside a strip club, during which Stephen Jackson was run over by a car and several gun shots were fired. If you don’t recall that infamous incident, you can read the old ESPN report here, or you can just sit back and listen to Jackson’s version of what went down on the latest episode of his and Matt Barnes’ “All The Smoke” podcast.

Stephen Jackson Recalls Insane Strip Club Shootout: Watch

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

According to Jackson, he was just about to pull out of the parking lot at Club Rio when he saw Jamaal Tinsley being chased out of the building by a group of men that they had recently argued with. Naturally, Captain Jack grabbed his gun and came to his teammate aid. Says Jackson:

“By the time I get over there it’s like we about to fight, so I hit one of them with my pistol. We get to fighting, more dudes come up out the club. I been in that position to many times – I know before I get surrounded and stomped out I’m gonna let off some warning shots. I let two off. By that time, I was running to my car. Somebody got in their car and sized me up in the parking lot and hit me going about 35-40 miles per hour – Boom! Knocked me in the air, I hit the ground… my face just hitting the ground, I stand up all my teeth gone, my lips’ shattered.”

Jackson went on to describe how he came to his senses after one of his teammates started shooting at the vehicle, and then Jackson, too, emptied his clip until he passed out. Again, this is happened just weeks before Jackson, Tinsley and the rest of the Pacers were preparing to kick off the 2006 NBA season.

Check out Jackson’s recollection of events in the video embedded below.