Stephen A. Smith Trashes The Idea Of A Joel Embiid Trade: Watch

Stephen A. Smith Trashes The Idea Of A Joel Embiid Trade: Watch


Joel Embiid is easily one of the best big men in the NBA although his play seems to hinge on two things: health and effort. Embiid has struggled to stay healthy over the past couple of seasons and it seems as though his effort tends to waiver from game-to-game. When he’s at his best, there is no question Embiid is one of the best in the game. When he’s playing lackadaisically, he looks like a player who could be ousted from the league at any time.

Recently, Embiid became the subject of trade rumors. Some think the Sixers could be in the market to trade Embiid which would certainly shake up their team. Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith trashed this idea, saying if Embiid focuses on his health, he’ll be just fine. Smith is also urging for head coach Brett Brown to change his system so that it better fits Embiid’s skillset.

As it stands, the Philadelphia 76ers are fifth in the Eastern Conference with a record of 33-21. They have a prime opportunity to make a splash in the playoffs and if they play at their best, they would be in the best position to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks who pose the greatest threat in the Eastern Conference.

Do you think the Sixers should trade Embiid and if so, where to?