Stephen A. Smith Reveals His Top 5 NBA Dunk Contest Champions

Stephen A. Smith Reveals His Top 5 NBA Dunk Contest Champions


This weekend, some of the NBA’s best players will be in Chicago for NBA All-Star weekend. The actual game is taking place on Sunday but the skills competition will go down on Saturday. Perhaps the best part of the skills competition is the dunk contest which typically provides some of the best highlights of the entire weekend. First Take‘s Stephen A. Smith is a huge fan of the dunk contest and today on the show, he counted down the five best dunk content champions of all-time.

Smith started the list with Spud Webb at number 5, Zach LaVine at 4, Dominique Wilkins at 3, Michael Jordan at 2, and finally, Vince Carter at number one. All five of these men had iconic dunk contest performances, especially Webb who was able to pull off some incredible moves despite only being 5’8.”

The crowd in Chicago seemed to be big fans of Smith’s list although you could tell they had beef with Carter being ranked above Jordan. Chicago is MJ’s city and they’ll always be biased towards the Bulls legend. Regardless, you can’t deny Carter’s influence on the younger generation and how he changed the dunk contest forever.

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