Stephen A. Smith Launches Peculiar Giannis Free Agency Rumor

Stephen A. Smith Launches Peculiar Giannis Free Agency Rumor


Stephen A. Smith has been known to add fuel to the fire when it comes to the NBA rumor mill. He is constantly talking about his sources and how they keep feeding him information. Sometimes, this info can be dubious although Smith maintains that whatever he says, can always be disproven later. Essentially, Smith likes to hedge his bets so he doesn’t be made out to be a fool, later on. 

Recently, Smith was at the Sloan Sports Conference where he was asked by Jackie MacMullan whether or not big-name players still want to play for small market teams. During his answer, Smith said that a source told him that Giannis Antetokounmpo plans on leaving Milwaukee if the team doesn’t make the NBA Finals.

“I’m told if he doesn’t get to the Finals, he’s leaving,” Smith said. “I don’t know if that’s true or not.” Of course, the last part of his answer is Smith’s classic ability to hedge his bets, coming to fruition. These comments should be concerning for Bucks fans but as Smith explains, it’s simply a rumor. We will only know how Giannis truly feels once his free agency cycle comes around in 2021.

Over the next year or so, Giannis’ situation with the Bucks will surely be one of the most fascinating stories in basketball. Only time will tell whether or not Smith’s assertions are true.