Stephen A. Smith Explains Why Derrick Rose Is Perfect For The Lakers

Stephen A. Smith Explains Why Derrick Rose Is Perfect For The Lakers


In just two days from now, general managers around the league will be scrambling to make trades that will benefit their teams in either the long term or the short term. Some teams are looking to rebuild over the next few years while some squads are taking a win-now approach. The Los Angeles Lakers fit within the latter as they have an aging LeBron James and Anthony Davis who becomes a free agent this summer. Many feel the Lakers still need another piece in order to win the championship this year and First Take host Stephen A. Smith just so happens to be one of those people.

On today’s episode of First Take, Smith suggested the Lakers go after Derrick Rose of the Detroit Pistons. The Lakers have expressed interest in Rose and Smith thinks he’s a perfect fit for LA’s offense. While Smith admits Rose would be a great addition to the purple and gold, he also thinks the Lakers would have to move too much to get him.


The asking price for Rose is extremely high as the Pistons are expecting at least a first-round pick in return. Following the Davis trade, the Lakers don’t have very many assets to give and they would have to resort to trading their bench players, as well as a young star like Kyle Kuzma.

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