Souloni – Do You Wanna Dance – EP

Souloni – Do You Wanna Dance – EP


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The sultry, vibrant, and multi-talented Souloni has created finger-snapping jams for the ages on her mew “Do You Wanna Dance” EP. The EP is heating Spotify, Apple Music, and the social media networks with its dazzling lyrical flows and bounce-style beats. Souloni brings to the table true originality, style, and great vocalization on the tracks for R&B and hip-hop/dance lovers.

“Do You Wanna Dance” is a collection of tight, fresh songs like “Spazzin’” featuring Lil Vida. The lyrics are hard with sexual themes that are precise and straight to the point. “Anti” also has a unique, cutting-edge flow that will make you dance, rap, and bounce all night long. Souloni delivers a jazz-style, romantic ballad with “Call your Phone.” This smooth track makes you feel good with every enticing lyric at it caresses your earbuds, heart, and soul. This song shows the versatility of Souloni, who can rap with the hardest of lyrical kings but still deliver slow time, chilled ballads for her many fans.

The EP also features tracks like “Whine it Down,” “Let’s Dance,” “Glow Up, and “Naughty.” “Whine it Down” has a fantastic Dancehall reggae vibe, while “Let’s Dance” is an R&B — slow rap fused song that will keep you jamming all night long. “Naughty” is a soulful, romantic ballad that you will surely blare over your sound system speakers at home and in the ride. Check out Souloni’s new EP by clicking on the links below. If you love different styles of urban music mixed with old-school, classic R&B — this album will leave you wanting more and more!