Soulja Boy Is Selling Dish Detergent Now: "Everybody Needs Soap"

Soulja Boy Is Selling Dish Detergent Now: "Everybody Needs Soap"


In his most puzzling business move yet, Soulja Boy has revealed that he is now selling dish detergent—yes, you read that right. The rapper/entrepreneur paid a visit to Power 105.1 to sit down with The Breakfast Club this week, a little over a year after his infamous episode on the radio show that birthed countless hilarious memes and soundbites. During Soulja’s chat with the show’s famous hosts, Charlamagne asked him about the state of his video game console business. Soulja reveals that while that particular pursuit is on hold, he is, in fact, selling dish detergent now (17:00).

“Once you get into the music industry, you branch out, you know what I’m saying?” he explains. “Do different stuff, like, try different things, try different business ventures.”

Soulja Boy Is Selling Dish Detergent Now: "Everybody Needs Soap"Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

“I got dish detergent,” he adds. “Everybody needs soap.” The company, which he reveals is called The Soap Shop, sells a variety of detergents in various scents, including strawberry, coconut, and more. The Soap Shop’s products are sold exclusively at their Southaven, Mississippi location.

Soulja Boy Is Selling Dish Detergent Now: "Everybody Needs Soap"Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spotify

Though he may be giving Mr. Clean a run for his money these days, Soulja’s business endeavours haven’t always been so successful. Two years ago, he unexpectedly launched his SouljaGame consoles, but ultimately had to remove the video game consoles from his website. He ended up going to jail for violating his probation a few months later, but after getting released early, he’s finally ready to get back on track. He’s currently working on new music as well as an upcoming documentary called This Can’t Be Real“In 2020, I want to give my fans the best work I can give them,” he said. “The best music, the best visuals, the best shows. 2020, is the year I just want to give back to my fans.” What better way to give back then to make sure their dishes are clean, right?