Snoop Dogg Takes After 50 Cent, Tears Apart Oprah & Gayle King

Snoop Dogg Takes After 50 Cent, Tears Apart Oprah & Gayle King


Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are not the most-loved figures in the black community right now. People are beginning to catch onto a problematic trend in Winfrey’s interviewing habits, seemingly exposing an exclusive list of black celebrities and refusing to go after any white men or women who have been accused of similar crimes. We saw Oprah Winfrey take on R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Russell Simmons, and others in the last year. After Gayle King’s interview with Lisa Leslie went viral for all the wrong reasons this week, containing a clip where King asked the basketball star if Kobe Bryant’s 2003 rape trial taints his legacy, she’s also been earning tons of heat from a number of outlets. 50 Cent has been vocal about his thoughts on both Winfrey and King and, now, Snoop Dogg is chiming in as well.

Posting a headline about Oprah’s “spiritual healer” allegedly being taken down for sex crimes, the Doggfather spoke on the controversy surrounding both Winfrey and King in his caption by asking where his documentary is. 

“We waiting. When. Or is it only blacks that y’all wanna interview and try and tarnish they reputation over accusations fuck both you hoes on behalf of the whole hood u bitches not with us. Gayle and Oprah been on bullshit so fuck y’all and y’all super powers,” said Snoop Dogg.

This follows up a video message that Dogg shared last night, requesting that Gayle King discontinue any talk surrounding Kobe Bryant and politely asking her to let his family grieve. Does Snoop have a point?