Snoop Dogg Shows How He Reacted Watching R. Kelly’s "Sister Wives" Fight

Snoop Dogg Shows How He Reacted Watching R. Kelly’s "Sister Wives" Fight


R. Kelly celebrated his birthday behind bars yesterday, still waiting for his numerous trials to begin for charges pertaining to his alleged sex crimes against minors. The disgraced singer is being tried in several different states but, right now, he is being held in a Chicago jailhouse. On the outside, his two girlfriends continue making headlines, mostly because of Azriel Clary’s social media activity. The 22-year-old stopped by Chicago after moving out of Kelly’s Trump Tower apartment to go see Joycelyn Savage, the woman she shares Kelly’s love with. When she met up with Savage though, the claws came out and Clary screamed that she would have her arrested for statutory rape crimes. The two came to blows in a ferocious fight and, if you watched the footage, you know how crazy it all was. If not, just watch Snoop Dogg‘s video below and picture his reaction.

Snoop Dogg Shows How He Reacted Watching R. Kelly's "Sister Wives" Fight
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Reposting a fan-made clip of a dog that looks incredibly distraught, Snoop Dogg added the audio of Joycelyn and Azriel’s fight to the background, making the pooch’s facial expression appropriate given the situation. In the caption, the West Coast legend added a shrugging emoji, not quite sure what to make of what happened. 

Today, Azriel Clary confirmed that her “sister-wife,” as Snoop would say, was arrested and charged for domestic battery. We will keep you updated on everything regarding R. Kelly’s girlfriends.