Snoop Dogg Shouts Out Kendrick on New Snippet, Alludes to Victory Over Drake: Watch

Snoop Dogg Shouts Out Kendrick on New Snippet, Alludes to Victory Over Drake: Watch


In a leaked video that surfaced on X recently, rapper Snoop Dogg can be seen smoking and filming for what appears to be a music video for an unreleased song. The interesting part, however, is that one of the bars on the track tips hat to Kendrick for humbling Drake in the recent Big 3 beef. While the audio is unclear, we swear we heard “Cold cockin’, K Dottin’, ’cause I’m humblin’ n****s”, referring to Kendrick’s old persona, K Dot.

For those unaware, Drake impersonated Snoop Dogg’s flow via AI processing on the track ‘Taylor Made Freestyle‘ in hopes of an impulsive reaction from Kendrick. Drake did the same with Tupac’s voice — and got threatened with legal action for non-consensual usage by the Tupac’s estate. Safe to say, using the Compton legends to serve his own purposes did not go too well for Drake.

Meanwhile, as the estate was seething with rage, Snoop was just waking up (and possibly blazed) and took to Instagram to express his surprise at his phone blowing up with messages regarding the track. While Snoop did not say much then, he ended the video with cryptic questioning, a sinister smile, and a peep at the Death Row logo on his clothing — possibly suggesting incoming rap calamity from Compton.

Now, while Kendrick came in guns blazing and ending the beef with an LA anthem, ‘Not Like Us’, Snoop’s mystique indicated that all he wants to say will probably be on the mic. Perhaps the new snippet is indicative of a new project in the works. Will he have more words for Drake aside from the insinuation that Kendrick won the beef? Let’s wait to find out!