Snoop Dogg Recalls Getting Mac Miller To Appear In "Scary Movie 5"

Snoop Dogg Recalls Getting Mac Miller To Appear In "Scary Movie 5"


Snoop Dogg has brought back his beloved GGN web series to YouTube. It seems he’s currently unloading a vault of episodes he recorded some time ago because the questions asked in his new one with Schoolboy Q suggest it took place shortly after the release of CrasH Talk. The fact that Snoop asks Q to speak on Mac Miller would also make more sense if the interview occurred closer to Mac’s passing in September of 2018. 

At the time, the TDE rapper preferred not discuss the loss of his close friend. “I can’t really talk about it. It’s hard,” he said. In Q’s place, Snoop offered a fond memory he had of Mac – the time they shot hilarious scenes for Scary Movie 5 together. “I used to fuck with that n****,” he said before explaining how the Circles artist ended up appearing in the 2013 movie (around the 10:35-mark): 

“Mike Epps cussed Harvey Weinstein… walked out of the set… we didn’t have nobody to play the role, so I called all kind of n****s and Mac Miller picked up. I’m like Mac, I need you in this movie, cuh. He’s like what you need unc? That n**** showed up, we blew dope, n**** learned his lines and, n****, it was some classic shit. We did a movie together cause my n**** was there for me. I went through my Rolodex and wasn’t nobody answering… I needed to get the white boy because he had flavor! I fucked with him, man! And he saved the day, cuz! That’s what hip hop is about – to where it have no color to it.” 

Mac also appeared on GGN back in 2013