Snoop Dogg Lashes Out At Bill Gates After Madden Server Goes Down

Snoop Dogg Lashes Out At Bill Gates After Madden Server Goes Down


Social distancing measures will be staying in place for a long time. A recent report from Harvard indicated that there was a good chance that this would last until 2022. That being said, we’re going to have to get into creative ways to figure out how we’re going to keep ourselves entertained. Video games have been a great source of entertainment in recent times but Snoop Dogg found himself in a bit of a bind earlier today after the servers on Madden shut down.

“EA Sports. Y’all mothafuckin’ server is down. Get that shit back up. We trying to play. There’s a bunch of mothafuckas at home that’s locked and loaded right now. Fix this shit. Bill Gates, Microsoft, whoever the fuck. All these mothafuckin’ bullshit ass vaccines y’all trying to give us. Fix the mothafuckin’ video game, n***a. Now,” he demanded.

When you’re Snoop Dogg, even a brief rant like this can go the distance. Snoop returned to the ‘Gram shortly after thanking EA Sports for reaching out to him.

“I got the word from EA Sports, y’all. They under maintenance. They ’bout to get it together. It’s coming back on soon,” he said. “Thank you. Thank you very much. Now you can return to your regular schedule program.”

When Snoop Dogg is happy, everyone’s happy. Peep the clip below.