Sneak Peek: A Buckhead Shore Family Dinner Is ‘Already F*cked’

Sneak Peek: A Buckhead Shore Family Dinner Is ‘Already F*cked’


Chicken is a big part of Parker’s life: The Buckhead Shore cast member’s family owns Zaxby’s, the Southern United States chain of fast-casual restaurants. If you might not be familiar, poultry — chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, etc. — is the main menu item at Zaxby’s.

“Chicken is everything to me,” the “Head Buck” declares in the sneak peek below. “Look, it’s around my neck. I literally have a chicken necklace. It’s what I sleep, breathe and eat.”

And when it’s time to make family dinner, Parker opts to prepare the protein (aka chicken) because he’s the “king of chicken strips” (Juju’s words). But Bethania is concerned and declares the preparation portion is “already f*cked.”

Why? And how do the rest of the roomies react when they taste Parker’s culinary creation? Watch the clip and be sure to watch the series premiere of Buckhead Shore on Thursday, June 23 (right after the return of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation).