Skippa Da Flippa Disses Former Labelmate Quavo: "You Ain’t The Boss Of Sh*t"

Skippa Da Flippa Disses Former Labelmate Quavo: "You Ain’t The Boss Of Sh*t"


Skippa Da Flippa is no longer affiliated with Quality Control Music but, several years back, he was one of the rising stars working with Coach K and Pierre “P” Thomas. Never reaching his potential with the label, he went off to do things separate from Quality Control, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still salty about how things ended.

This week, Skippa Da Flippa made a post on Instagram calling out Quavo, who is still signed to Quality Control, saying that he’s not the “huncho” of anything.

Sharing the definition of the word “honcho,” Flippa threw shots at Quavo for calling himself a boss when he’s not even the leader of his own group.

“Ever since P put @quavohuncho as officer in charge, he really tight I wasn’t callin him Cho,” wrote Flippa on Instagram. “N***a you ain’t the boss of shit. Never was the Cho in migo gvng so where this come from. Fuck ima call a n***a cho who been runnin his whole life. It’s comin from flip so you know it’s real.”

Yikes. These are pretty bold accusations from Skippa Da Flippa.

In the comments, Atlanta rapper Trouble attempted to keep the peace, urging Flip to ring up the Migos rapper to hash things out. And, if things get too heated, he encouraged them to duke it out in the backyard.

“Yall family flip.. Yall n***az get on da phone or thug it out in da Backyard if its dat serious gang I don told u dat.. Lets leave da instagram shit to dese otha n***az,” wrote Trouble.

Skippa Da Flippa Disses Former Labelmate Quavo: "You Ain't The Boss Of Sh*t"
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