Skip Bayless Roasted After Implying Melo Is Better Than LeBron James

Skip Bayless Roasted After Implying Melo Is Better Than LeBron James


Skip Bayless has been known for having some pretty dubious opinions. The Undisputed co-host seems to have an irrational hatred of LeBron James who is arguably one of the best players to ever grace a basketball court. For some reason, Bayless has had an anti-LeBron agenda since the beginning of time and won’t slow down his slander. Bayless’ hate for LeBron runs so deep that he’ll look for any reason to undermine him.

On Tuesday night, Carmelo Anthony scored a game-winning basket to give the Portland Trail Blazers a win over the Toronto Raptors. Melo and LeBron are both 35 years old which led to a surprising comparison from Bayless. “Carmelo Anthony, with a game-winner tonight, is making the case he’s the NBA’s best 35-year-old,” Bayless said. Of course, Bayless was suggesting that Melo is better than LeBron. 

Fans on Twitter were quick to roast Bayless for his reaction. It’s clear as day that LeBron is playing at a higher level than Melo, even if Anthony has been quite good. The two players are in completely different tiers and it’s important to note that LeBron is the leader of his team whereas Melo is more of a role player now. Regardless, there were some pretty great reactions to the tweet.

If Bayless were still working with Stephen A. Smith, we’re sure the tweet below would be his response.