Skip Bayless Disses LeBron James During Luka Doncic Rant

Skip Bayless Disses LeBron James During Luka Doncic Rant


Skip Bayless has been one of the biggest LeBron James haters in the world over the past decade. Whenever LeBron does something he great, he refuses to acknowledge it. Meanwhile, whenever LeBron does something bad, he makes sure to prop it up and not let it go for weeks on end. This hatred for LeBron has made Bayless a target amongst sports fans and recently, he came through with yet another piece of anti-LeBron propaganda.

During a recent segment, Bayless spoke about Luka Doncic and how he is always blaming the referees for his problems. After Seth Curry compared Doncic to LeBron, Bayless made sure to get in a dig at LeBron saying the only thing that is comparable between the two, is their hatred towards the officials.

“Seth Curry said Luka is ‘LeBron-like.’ He’s LeBron-like after games too because he’s learned the fine art of taking the focus off his failure and putting it on the refs,” Bayless said. As you can imagine, the take angered his co-host Shannon Sharpe who couldn’t believe Skip would take that kind of dig out of nowhere.

We all know Bayless loves the San Antonio Spurs so his dismissal of a Mavericks player shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. At this point, neither should the LeBron slander.