Simon Blaze – Successful without a record deal

Simon Blaze – Successful without a record deal


When Simon Blaze suddenly comes up with the idea for a new song lying on the couch at home, he only has to go one room further to be able to let his creativity run free in his own recording studio.

The DJ, music producer and songwriter from Munich, Germany has been successfully producing R&B songs for 12 years now without being signed to a record label. Growing up to the music of the american 90s HipHop and R&B inspired by artists like Joe Thomas, Craig David or Jermaine Dupri Blaze became interested in making music from an early age. And although Blaze never learned to play an instrument or had any other form of classical music training, he learned to produce his own songs through self-didactics. With the help of his father his room at that time still in his parents’ apartment was converted into a studio – the necessary technology was purchased and a vocal booth was built so that in the future he could record songs independently with befriended singers. From there Blaze made his first contacts with international music artists. Singers and rappers like X-Factor finalists David Correy, Yung Berg (aka Hitmaka), King Los and Murda Mook. After a few joint projects, Blaze decided over the years to step out of the background and release his own singles under his name. To this day, Blaze is guided by his passion for 90s R&B classics and the desire to bring them to the present day through recreation.

And he succeeds:
Placements in the iTunes Top 10, three singles in the DJ City Charts Top 10, 40 million YouTube and 8 million Spotify streams as well as bookings in two Top 100 clubs Kalypso and Noah on ZRCE Beach, Croatia confirm that R&B is still going strong amongs the most popular music genres. What’s extraordinary is that Blaze achieved all of this without a label.

How does it work?
With the 30-year-old covering every role of the label himself. As a one-man business he not only produces the music but also takes care of engineering, visuals, sales, marketing and management. Pushing oneself through in the highly competitive music market without the name of a big record label in the background naturally slows down processes and makes the breakthrough a lot more difficult, Blaze says. Nevertheless, he would like to encourage up-and-coming artists and producers to follow this path: “My previous career shows that success is still possible – even without a label.”

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