Siesta Key’s Sam Has Already Moved On From Juliette (And There Are Photos To Prove It)

Siesta Key’s Sam Has Already Moved On From Juliette (And There Are Photos To Prove It)


“Have you seen what Sam’s been posting? That’s not Juliette.” (You’re right about that, BG.)

Tonight’s Siesta Key showcased the aftermath of the breakup we all saw coming, following Juliette’s big move out. Barely 48 hours after Sam said he “doesn’t see a future” with the swimwear designer, photos emerged on social media of him hanging out with multiple girls — and everyone saw them.

Cue classic Cara: “I’m surprised that Sam’s been posting all of that. It wasn’t even like a week. He Snapchats with a new chick every 20 minutes.”

Jordana speculated that he’d been “flying them in from other places” — including Meghan, a blonde model from a far-away land Miami. The very public move, and Sam’s swift rebound, dashed Juliette’s hopes that the two could be mature and actually be friends.

“What hurts me is that he wants to hurt me. I’m already upset that we went through a breakup,” she said. “He’s giving all these girls attention when I’m still grieving.”

While Sam said that he actually doesn’t want to hurt Juliette, he told Jordana that he just doesn’t like to be alone — “affection and conversations” are his jam.

“If I go out and have fun and meet new people, then I’m a bad person. And if not, I’m gonna sit in my room upset and alone, and I don’t really feel like doing that,” [7:15] he said. “I’m not even looking for a girlfriend right now, I’m just trying to chill with my friends. A lot of them are girls, you know… sometimes we hook up.”

Enter “the infamous Meghan,” who Sam met three years prior at a party in Sarasota. A saddened Jules felt the burn even more when she saw pics from Sam’s yacht party, complete with Meghan and “a bunch of blonde girls.” (Oh, and Jordana and Cara, naturally.)

“It felt like after asking for just a little independence, Sam found it so easy to dump me and move on with someone else,” she said, also telling Chloe: “I don’t want to hate him. I have good memories right now, and I don’t want them to be bad. I don’t want to look back and regret him. I want the best for him.”

But is Meghan the best for Sam? As Jordana says, “I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but you know, we’re all sweet in the beginning.” Find out on Siesta Key next Thursday at 9/8c.