Siesta Key Rebound: Is A ‘New Guy’ What Juliette Needs?

Siesta Key Rebound: Is A ‘New Guy’ What Juliette Needs?


Cheers to “the new kingdom” — that’s Juliette’s recipe for getting over a heartbreak. But is moving on to a brand-new beau the best remedy?

During tonight’s Siesta Key, the Queen Bee grew even closer to Sam (who just happened to be an old friend of the young dad-to-be).

“Alex’s been like texting me,” Sam told Juliette and Chloe. “A little shade that I’ve been kicking it with Juliette. He doesn’t want me to be hanging around her.”

Fast-forward to Alyssa’s gender reveal bash — and Sam initiating a group outing (with Juliette’s support) on his family’s yacht (plus jet skis) the very same time as the Kompo bash. Madisson and Brandon were with Alyssa and company, while Juliette, Chloe, Kelsey and Amanda were with Sam.

And when Juliette’s gang learned that the King of Sarasota was having a daughter, they erupted in celebration because, according to Chloe, “he openly has no shame talking about how much he hope[d] it’s a boy.” Maybe Jules got a bit too excited about the petite princess…

However, after taking a beat post-humorous spill, the events surrounding Juliette made her ponder the bigger picture.

“When I first found out about Alex having a baby with Alyssa, I felt so defeated,” Juliette stated, while footage of her smooching Sam played. “But then I realized that Alex is only one person in my whole world. I have an endless amount of opportunities in front of me: a promising career, an incredible group of friends and maybe a new guy.”

Even though Juliette was hesitant to put a label on her situation with Sam, could she be changing her tune, and will they take their relationship to the next level? And is this the best move at the time? Or is she simply having fun while pivoting her attention away from the King of Sarasota? Sound off, then keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.