Siesta Key Confrontation: Juliette Finally Came Face-To-Face With ‘The Infamous Meghan’

Siesta Key Confrontation: Juliette Finally Came Face-To-Face With ‘The Infamous Meghan’


Sam and Juliette may have gone their separate ways, but their relationship still caused plenty of drama on tonight’s Siesta Key.

After the Queen of Sarasota and her broken calendar delivered “the most half-assed, worst apology” to Sam for her Miami hookup, she found herself face-to-face yet again with her ex — and “the infamous Meghan.” Seems Cara invited literally everyone (except Garrett, obviously) to her moving-to-Tampa celebration, including the Miami model. Somebody grab the popcorn.

Chloe didn’t hesitate to ask the obvious: “Why is the Meghan girl here?” Meanwhile, Juliette just had one question for her new nemesis: “You drove three hours for a pool party on a Wednesday?”

Meghan said she doesn’t “do drama” and merely wanted “to have a good time,” but it wasn’t long before the girls were involved in a heated discussion by the pool at Chloe’s prodding.

“I want to talk,” Juliette told the flavor of the week (Chloe’s words) Meghan.” “You knew he used you, and now you’re showing up here. So I’m just wondering if you have any self-worth.”

Meghan replied with a bit of empathy: “I don’t want things to be weird between us. I understand why you were hurting in the situation, but I wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt you.”

Not one to hold back, Juliette retorted, “That’s not true. If this is some sort of weird apology, that’s a f*cking lie. I don’t believe your apology because you’re a bottle rat. You’re a clout chaser.”

The swimwear designer then promptly walked away before she could “get really mean.” But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t hurt — especially when Sam and Meghan proceeded to f*ck in the bathroom (Cara’s words) make out in front of a large audience.

“Why do I always have to be the one that’s hurt at a party and has to leave?” Juliette asked in tears. “People are purposely trying to get at me.”

What do you think? Should Jules shake it all off and not let Sam affect her, or does she have reason to feel so hurt? Sound off, then catch an all-new episode next week at 9/8c.