Should Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Let Aubree Get An iPhone?

Should Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Let Aubree Get An iPhone?


Aubree is growing up before our very eyes on Teen Mom 2 — and now Chelsea’s daughter feels she is ready for a mature purchase.

“She’s been asking for a phone, and literally everyone around me thinks she should get a phone,” Chelsea told her friend Laura while they were out with Aubree during this week’s episode.

But Laura didn’t agree with her pal and stated that none of her kids have a cell phone — something Aubree didn’t like.

“Stop giving her ideas!” Aubs retorted.

Laura had another idea: to get a fliphone or a Razr.

“Excuse me? I want an iPhone!” Aubree exclaimed.

Chelsea then discussed the topic with another pal.

“I keep going back and forth. People will give me such valid points on why she should,” Chelsea told her friend Ayla. “And that it’s okay. And then I’ll hear the most terrifying stories, and I’m like, ‘Okay, nevermind.'”

But Ayla made a good point: Her daughter, who got a phone when she was 12, told her mom that when Ayla was her age she could call her friends on a land line. Ayla also told Chelsea that her child can text and listen to music — “no social media.”

“I was always calling my friends,” Chelsea reflected.

Chelsea then told Cole that she was comfortable with this next step and that the iPhone would be strongly monitored when it comes to texting (mostly with family).

“She could buy it — she’s been saving a lot of money for a long time,” Cole added.

Do you think Aubree is an appropriate age to have a cell phone? Or should Chelsea and Cole wait a bit longer? Sound off, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.