Should Jade Let Sean Move In Again On Teen Mom 2?

Should Jade Let Sean Move In Again On Teen Mom 2?


Jade and Kloie are preparing for Sean to come home soon from a treatment center in Texas. And when the young dad is reunited with his loved ones, the mother-daughter duo will be getting ready to move into a brand-new home (or they’ll already be there). But during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Jade admitted she still isn’t sure if the family will all be together under one roof.

“I was thinking about getting him an Airbnb for a few days,” she told her friend Chau. “I obviously want him to come back, and I want him to be in the house with Kloie and Kloie to feel like okay things are getting a little more back to normal. But I also don’t want to push things and make it to where it’s a little too fast for me.” She then added that she has become used to being alone with Kloie.

Sean’s counselor advised that the couple do not discuss future issues while he is still away. However, following a visit to check up on the renovations, Kloie asked her mom where her dad would sleep in the new house. Understandably, Jade could not elaborate on the upcoming issue like she did with Chau and instead kept it simple with her mini-me.

“I don’t know, baby,” she told Kloie. “I don’t know yet. You want Daddy to come spend the night with you?”

But Kloie kept asking, even with a “pretty please.” Jade then asked Kloie if she wanted Sean to “stay forever” — and Kloie stated, “Yeah.”

“[Kids] want both their parents present, all the time,” Jade reflected in a diary cam, adding she is “kind of worried and skeptical about how everything is going to go when he gets home. Ultimately, I just want to do what’s best for Kloie and for us as a whole.”

What do you think is best: Should Sean live with the mother of his child and his daughter? Or should he only visit Jade and Kloie — and have his own space? Give your thoughts in the comments, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.