Shawn Mendes Gets Very Wet In Soaring New ‘Wonder’ Video

Shawn Mendes Gets Very Wet In Soaring New ‘Wonder’ Video


Shawn Mendes’s Continuum look has finally arrived.

In his new video for “Wonder,” a soaring pop song that keeps rising, Mendes first shows off his quarantine-grown lettuce by peering out the window of a train as a glowing pink horizon beckons. In under a minute, though, he’s standing on top of the zooming vessel, King of the World-ing the shit out of the enterprise. He’s arrived.

The video, directed by Matty Peacock, soundtracks the cloud-high anthem that finds Mendes questioning his place as well as put-upon expectations. “I wonder when I cry into my hands,” he sings, “I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man.” As he ventures into the big (yet curiously percussion-less choruses), Mendes moves first into a copse of mossy trees to become a man of the woods, then to a sea cliff’s edge to become a wanderer above the sea of fog. And then, oh yeah, there’s the drums.

Mendes ends up wet, naturally, though it’s hard to tell if he’s quite as soaked as he got in his 2018 VMAs performance.

“Wonder” is the title track to Mendes’s upcoming fourth album, set to drop on December 4. (“This is all very exciting,” John Mayer wrote on Instagram, so you know he approves of the long hair.) Ahead of the single drop, Mendes also shared a low-key piano track that serves as the intro to the album, complete with another visual where he hangs out in a tank top.

It’s clear that Mendes, like all of us, is simply waitin’ on the world to change. Find the Wonder album cover below, then watch the video in full above.