Shaq Unveils His Pick For The Greatest NBA Player Of All Time

Shaq Unveils His Pick For The Greatest NBA Player Of All Time


With the release of ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance,” the neverending NBA GOAT debate is in full swing. The two players that are typically at the center of these debates are none other than MJ and LeBron James. Sometimes, Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are brought up as well but certainly not as often. In fact, every single sports personality is being asked who they think the GOAT is and on Friday, Shaq answered the question.

During his appearance on Get Up!, Shaq stated that he thinks Jordan is the undisputed GOAT although he hints that he would love to say himself. Of course, Shaq notes that being crowned as the GOAT is something that your peers should do for you.

“[Michael Jordan] is definitely the greatest player. … You can’t say ‘I’m the greatest player,’ you have to let your peers and everyone else say who the greatest player is,” Shaq said humbly. Throughout the 90s, Shaq had to go up against MJ and he quickly found out just how good the Bulls legend really is. All things considered, it’s easy to see why MJ was such an easy choice for him.

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