Shannon Sharpe Reveals What Horace Grant Told Him About MJ

Shannon Sharpe Reveals What Horace Grant Told Him About MJ


Perhaps one of the wildest stories to come out of the “The Last Dance” so far is the fact that Michael Jordan used to withhold food from teammate Horace Grant if he played a bad game. Yes, that’s right, MJ used to make sure Grant would miss meals if he played poorly. This is a pretty insane tactic although it’s a toughness that got Jordan his six NBA titles.

After speaking about this subject on an episode of FS1’s Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe received a phone call from Grant who divulged some extra details about Jordan. As Grant explained to Sharpe, Jordan would keep bullying players until they finally stood up for themselves. Grant also said that he has tremendous respect for Jordan although he was upset with how the legend went about keeping him in shape.

“Horace told me: ‘If you didn’t confront Mike, he would ride you every day, all day, all the time. You had to stand up for yourself. I didn’t have a problem with Mike the player, I had a problem with how he tried to motivate me,'” Sharpe said.

Sharpe previously noted that if Jordan had taken his food away from him, he would have fought him every single day as messing with someone’s food is the ultimate sign of disrespect.

Nowadays, you would never see a player taking meals away from a teammate. At least not with the 24-hour sports news cycle we have in 2020.