Shannade Clermont Released From Prison

Shannade Clermont Released From Prison


Shannade and Shannon Clermont made their names as part of the reality show Bad Girls Club, becoming staples in the culture by hanging out at the right parties with all the right people. However, in the midst of their career surges, one of the identical twins got caught up in some illegal activity, getting charged with fraud after she spent upwards of $20,000 on a deceased man’s credit card (whom she met on a prostitution date) to pay for luxury goods, rent, and more. Shannade Clermont was ordered to spend some time in prison and, after serving several months behind bars, the socialite is officially free.

Shannade Clermont Released From Prison
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In an update to the Clermont Twins’ Instagram page, a video shows Shannade coming home after a lengthy stint in prison. Nade’s friends and family can be heard excitedly reacting to seeing her in street clothes for the first time in a minute, waiting for her to hop in their vehicle and make her way back to the crib. 

“OUR BABY NADE, THANK YOU GOD,” wrote Shannon Clermont on social media, clearly ecstatic that her sister is back in the fold.

Hopefully, Shannade and Shannon are able to stay out of trouble. With bankroll now rolling in through legal means, neither of them will need to resort to fraudulent ends to cop some designer shit. Welcome back, Shannade!