Serena Smart Releases “Decisions”

Serena Smart Releases “Decisions”


The sultry Serena Smart recently released her smash hit single, “Decisions”. This fresh, engaging jam features a smooth RnB laid-out track with enticing, sexy lyrics. The beat is smooth, the words are on point, and the overall composition is simply divine. Serena’s throaty lyrical flow soothes the mind, body, and soul. The accompanying video directed by Benny Boom captures the essence of romance in the big city at every turn. Serena’s vocal range is impeccable with highs and lows that carry you through an incredible musical experience.

“Decisions” makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Serena Smart definitely has cemented her presence in this ever-changing, fast-paced RnB and pop-fused world. I have this ballad on replay because it’s simply marvelous every time I listen to Serena’s flow. If you are an old-school or new-school connoisseur of RnB with a romantic touch, this song will do it each time it’s played. Sit back, relax, and let this enchanting track take you to new elevations. I especially love the way Serena overlaps her lyrics in a concise, precise, and “Smart” way.

“Decisions” is not a track to be taken lightly or forgotten. We are talking award material here and Serena Smart certainly has a bright, rosy future in the global music scene. Click on the link below and experience the soothing waves that this ballad brings to your speakers and headphones! You can also check out different versions of Serena’s latest track and her previously released songs on Soundcloud.

Quote from Serena Smart: “The greatest revenge is success. Due to my past relationship and not being able to fully focus on myself, it caused a negative impact on my life and future endeavors. Ever since I closed that chapter of my life, it’s been full speed ahead. Now I’m riding around in coupes all day, chasing a bag and not a boy.”