Sam Raimi Reportedly Eyed For "Dr. Strange 2"

Sam Raimi Reportedly Eyed For "Dr. Strange 2"


Early reports surrounding Marvel’s Dr. Strange: In The Multiverse Of Madness, billed as the studio’s first foray into horror territory, were certainly looking positive. Set to be helmed by Scott Derrickson, who directed the Benedict Cumberbatch-led Dr. Strange in 2016, many were curious to see how his darker-toned vision would come to manifest in the sequel. Unfortunately, Derrickson parted ways with Marvel at the beginning of January, citing what else but that old monkey wrench creative differences. 

Sam Raimi Reportedly Eyed For "Dr. Strange 2"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Though that in itself might be a red flag for some Marvel naysayers, others appreciate the strict adherence to a tried-and-true formula. Even if it does come at the cost of a filmmaker’s visionary qualities. With Derrickson gone, Marvel has reportedly turned to superhero veteran Sam Raimi to pick up the reins, as per Variety.

In many ways, Raimi is a logical fit. He’s no stranger to the genre, arguably pioneering the superhero blockbuster in the first place with his Spider-Man trilogy. Not to mention his horror catalog, which includes cult classics Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness, and Drag Me To Hell. Perhaps the spookier qualities to be retained after all, as many wondered whether the “horror” elements were behind the creative differences to begin with. As of now, this remains unconfirmed — we’ll keep you posted if any further developments occur. 

Look for another piece of Strange, and scary Strange at that, to hit theaters May 7, 2021.