Saints’ Michael Thomas Peddles Anti-Vaxx And COVID-19 Conspiracies

Saints’ Michael Thomas Peddles Anti-Vaxx And COVID-19 Conspiracies


If there is one thing for sure about the Coronavirus, it’s that it has brought out the worst in some people. COVID-19 has led to the spread of misinformation and some wild conspiracy theories that even include 5G towers and a whole lot of anti-vaxx sentiment. The latest high-profile person to go off on the conspiracy side of things was none other than New Orleans Saints wide receiver, Michael Thomas. 

Today, the superstar wide receiver took to Twitter where he said that vaccines have never been the cure for viruses and that God gifted us with plenty of mechanisms for defeating illnesses on our own. He also expressed doubt in the severity of the virus and even took shots at Bill Gates, saying the guy who created Microsoft could never be responsible for a real cure.

From there, Thomas noted that Jeff Bezos hasn’t begun looking for a cure which somehow proves his point about Gates. Either way, he must have gotten a call from his agent, or even the Saints because quickly after these tweets were posted, they were deleted. 

We’re sure some of you in the comments section will agree with Thomas but if you’re paying attention to the COVID-19-related stats, you would know that this is very serious and people are dying because a treatment hasn’t yet been developed.

Perhaps Thomas will change his mind after some deeper research.