Russell Wilson Saves Ciara From Wardrobe Malfunction

Russell Wilson Saves Ciara From Wardrobe Malfunction


Ciara may still be able to twerk while she’s pregnant, but sometimes the baby bump gets in the way. On Saturday (Feb. 8), she attended Tom’s Ford fashion show in Los Angeles with her husband, Russell Wilson, where she experienced a slight wardrobe malfunction. No, she didn’t have a nip slip; she had zipper troubles. The 34-year-old singer detailed the mishap with a series of Instagram Stories

Her dress’ zipper broke when she was on her way to the Tom Ford event, kicking off an evening filled with clothing-related challenges. “What are the chances?” Ciara said in a video of her team frantically trying to repair the dress. “I am running on my way to Tom Ford and my zipper popped. So now we’re just — this is how we’re getting to the show. Shoutout to Rachel and Amanda, just tag-teaming it right now. The stuff that we go through ladies, anything for fashion.”

Russell Wilson Saves Ciara From Wardrobe Malfunction                                      Amy Sussman/Getty Images

While Ciara’s crew might have been able to temporarily resolve the issue, it popped up again once she got home from the show. She documented her NFL hubby having to cut the dress to get her out of it. “Right now my honey is cutting me out of this dress,” Ciara said. Wilson was instructed to perform the difficult task of removing the dress while keeping it in tact. “You cannot damage this dress, baby.”

While Ciara’s dress predicament is making headlines, a lot of attention is also being paid to Wilson’s new coiffed hairdo.