Russ ‘SANTIAGO’ First Week Sales Projections

Russ ‘SANTIAGO’ First Week Sales Projections


Russ released his latest album SANTIAGO this past Friday to a good response from fans.

It’s a different project from his past work as Russ almost stays away from the bangers and instead gives us material which is personal, introspective, and thoughtful. “It feels like this is my debut album. In a sense, it is. This version of myself has never been heard. You know? I think it’s woken me up to what’s been going on internally and at least I now am aware of what’s been going on, and I have tools and resources and help to try to figure out and how to manage what’s going on. It gave me a lighthouse. And at this point, even though it is art and there is a distance from myself a little bit, but I think my goal is to merge what’s going on internally with the music seamlessly, so that they just go hand in hand,” he recently told Zane Lowe.

Today, we have the first week sales projections for it. HDD reports that SANTIAGO is projected to move 52k copies in the first week with a massive 42k coming from pure sales. The pure sales are majorly thanks to the physical copies (he’s offering a signed version as well) that his fans are buying in order to support, in addition to the iTunes sales.

With this number, Russ will likely debut inside the top 10 on the Billboard 200 this week. Stay tuned for more updates.