Rudy Gobert Calls Troll A "P*ssy" After Coronavirus Diss

Rudy Gobert Calls Troll A "P*ssy" After Coronavirus Diss


Rudy Gobert has been the subject of a lot of jokes over the last little while due to his role in the NBA being shut down. Of course, he was the first NBA player to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus and it all started after he was caught on camera, not taking the virus seriously. Ever since his diagnosis, there have been rumors of a fractured Utah Jazz locker room and many fans are upset with Gobert for his recklessness. Needless to say, the last two months have been very difficult for the star.

Recently, Gobert was live streaming video games on Twitch when he started to get agitated by some trolls who told him that he was the reason for the Coronavirus. Eventually, Gobert snapped and clapped back at the kid, saying “go to school pussy.”

What makes Gobert’s comments face-palm worthy is the fact that you can’t go to school right now because you could end up getting the virus. Needless to say, Gobert hasn’t exactly learned much from his recent experiences. Although, one could make the argument that there simply wasn’t much thought behind his statement.

Moving forward, it doesn’t appear as though Gobert will ever be able to live his transgressions down.